HD Screen Recorder

Do you want record HD quality video? High-definition video provides you higher resolution when recording your computer screen. Now, you can record videos from sites like YouTube, Hulu, Bing Video or Google Videos. HD screen recording can be made to train, teach sell and entertain. On this page we have step-by-step instructions and a video on how to get HD quality video. But, first check out some of the sample HD videos you can record with HD screen recorder below.

Train Teach Sell Entertain
excel google ebay games
Learn Excel Formulas Google Search eBay iPhone Application Record Your Games


Did you know that you can try out our HD screen recorder for free? Easy Screen Capture Video is awarding winning software with over 40 industry awards. If you want to create mulitple audio and music tracks with your video you also get a Free Music Audio Editor in addition to the free AVI to FLV converter just for trying out the HD screen recorder free trial.

Easy Screen Capture Video Version 1

Easy Screen Capture Video
Version 1

  • 2 Clicks to Record Your PC Screen
  • Teach, Train, Sell & Entertain
  • Capture Pre-Defined Regions of the Desktop
  • Autopanning – Curser follows the Capture Area
  • Over 30 custom curser options

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Easy Screen Capture Video Version 2

Easy Screen Capture Video
Version 2

(Includes all the features of Version 1 … PLUS:)

  • Record Audio
  • Pause Button
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Recording Thread Priority

Version 2 is only $19.95

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Easy Screen Capture Video is a HD screen recorder allowing you to achieve HD Quality screen recordings. Watch the video to see how easy it is to make Easy Screen Capture Video a HD screen recorder.


You will need to add the DivX codec to Easy Screen Capture Video. This will make the software an HD screen recorder. Click here for direct download for DivXInstaller.exe and follow instructions. Or go to DivX Website Download Under the ‘Options’ menu, click ‘Video Options’.

At the top your can choose your Compressor or Codec. Click on the drop down and select the DivXCodec that you downloaded.

DivX Codec

Next, we are going to configure the codec

Configure Codec

1. Certification Profile – select 1080HD Profile 2. Move the ‘Speed / Quality’ slider to the first notch 3. Change the ‘Bitrate’ to ‘20000’ kbps and click ‘OK’

Configure Codec Video

Video Menu Video Resolution – Format in NTSC 16:9 and click ‘OK’ Now, we will adjust the Video Option Settings

Video Options Settings

Video Options 1. Unclick ‘Auto Adjust’ 2. Move Quality slider to 100 3. Set Key Frames Every ’20’ frames 4. Frame Rates – Capture Frames Every ’50’ milliseconds 5. Playback Rate ’20’ frames/second and click ‘OK’