How To Record Video Files

How do you get rid of the solid black box when trying to record video files?

You are trying to record a video and you get nothing but a black screen … so

How do you get rid of the solid black box when trying to record video files?


Have you ever wanted to re-record movies, music videos or other stuff playing on the web? The problem is you record the video you want and then you get nothing – but the solid black box.

This will be very simple and only take a couple of minutes.

The problem is that these players use video overlay. A video overlay is invisible to Windows capture programs because it is handled by a special video hardware. So, when you try to record you only see a solid black block. This is the overlay.

So, if you want to re-record what you see playing on the web or in Microsoft Media Player, RealMedia RealPlayer, Apple's Quick Time Player etc. you can use the Easy Screen Capture Video software and temporarily turn off the overlay. Now, there are two ways to do it:

•  You can disable the graphics hardware acceleration globally for all applications,


•  You can disable the graphics hardware acceleration for a particular application.

We are going to concentrate on the second method.

And, it is very easy to do! If you want to learn the first method the support questions and answers at Easy Screen Capture Video will show you how.

Apple Quick Time Player

From the menu select " Edit > Preferences > Quick Time Preferences ". Then in the " QuickTime Setting s " window. Select " Video Settings " from the list menu at the top and then click " Safe Mode (GDI Only) ". Then close " QuickTime Settings ". And finally, close everything completely and re-start QuickTime Player.

Microsoft MediaPlayer

Select the Tools menu, then Options , click the Performance tab and slide the Video Performance – Hardware Acceleration tab down, all the way to None . Note that this does not work for DVD playback.

RealMedia RealPlayer

Select Tools > Preferences > Hardware and at the bottom you will see ‘ Video card compatibility ' Move the slider over to ‘ Most Reliable '.

That is all there is to it.