Video Game Recording Software

Video Game Recording Software

What can you do with Easy Screen Capture Video? Not only can you record software demos, create online tutorials, make how to videos and showcase your Web site, Easy Screen Capture Video is great video game recording software. With our video game recording software you can record PC games.

Please note: This sample screen capture video was recorded on Easy Screen Capture Video Version 2 and has additional options such as Record Sound, Pause, Keyboard Shortcuts, etc.

Video Game Recording Software


Record Your Games

How many times have you been playing an exciting video game and you wish you could have recorded it?

Now, with Easy Screen Capture Video game recording software you will be able to capture video games. Check out the demo video to see the qualilty of video you can make. If you want an HD screen recorder then Easy Screen Capture Video is for you.

It is important that you use a Codec such as DivX. The DivX codec became well known for its ability to compress video and audio files into a single small file while still retaining much of the original integrity of the video being compressed. The codec has become very popular with the gaming community because of the need for near perfect video results.

and that you have the best video settings to make sure the quality of your videos is at 100%.
Easy Screen Capture Video has made recommendations for your frame rates so that your capture rate and playback rate are set for optimum performance

You can also use the video game recording software if you need to teach someone how to do something or some of your secret gaming skills. Maybe you just want to show off some of your tricks in a game.

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Easy Screen Capture Video Version 1

Easy Screen Capture Video
Version 1

  • 2 Clicks to Record Your PC Screen
  • Teach, Train, Sell & Entertain
  • Capture Pre-Defined Regions of the Desktop
  • Autopanning – Curser follows the Capture Area
  • Over 30 custom curser options

Version 1 is only $9.95

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Easy Screen Capture Video Version 2

Easy Screen Capture Video
Version 2

(Includes all the features of Version 1 … PLUS:)

  • Record Audio
  • Pause Button
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Recording Thread Priority

Version 2 is only $19.95

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Please Note: If you order 2 or more copies, you will receive an immediate discount applied to your order.